Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GA: Wednesday Evening

Montreat Historical Foundation
The assembly voted to close the Montreat Historical Foundation that has records and archives of evangelical mission work of the southern church. COGA (Committee of the Office General Assembly) has decided to close Montreat and move some (not all) of the archives to Columbia Theological Seminary. Marge Carpenter, former moderator, and evangelical told a story when the churches merged and about a promise that was made by the northern church that we would keep the Historical foundation. I don’t know much about Montreat, but by just watching the proceedings it appears COGA is using a very heavy-hand to close Montreat. Having talked to supporters of Montreat they stated that they have raised enough money to keep it operating and have a plan for the future. They also claim that some of the records will be lost and taken back by families and churches. If you lose the history of the church you forget your history or even worse you can rewrite your history. There are already attempts to rewrite or reinterpret our history (see Adopting Act of 1729 and PUP report recommendation 5).

Late-Term Abortion
Praise the Lord! The assembly voted by 76% to take a stand for the viability of children. Here is the position the Assembly took for the church (there was amendment made on the floor that added pastoral care advice, but I didn’t get the word–it was good though):

We affirm that the lives of viable unborn babies–those well developed enough to survive outside the womb if delivered ought to be preserved and cared for and not aborted. In cases where problems of life or health of the mother arise in a pregnancy, the church supports efforts to protect the life and health of both the mother and the baby. When late-term pregnancies must be terminated, we urge decisions intended to deliver the baby alive. We look to our churches to provide pastoral and tangible support to women in problem pregnancies and to surround these families with a community of care. We affirm adoption as a provision for women who deliver children they are not able to care for, and ask our churches to assist in seeking loving, Christian, adoptive families.

This General Assembly holds this statement as its position on a Christian response to problems that arise late in pregnancies. We find it to be consistent with current General Assembly policy on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion (1992), and supersedes General Assembly statements of 2002 and 2003 on late-term pregnancies and abortion.

Many horrific remarks we made from the floor advocating that the women’s right to choose superceded the right of life of the baby. Some of the remarks are so painful that it just hurts her soul deeply. Thank the Good Lord we are taken this positive step to protect children.
There were other overtures that would have taken a stronger Pro-Life stand, but this is a good start.

Last Post from the Front Lines
It is 10:30pm and there are just starting the social justice and issues committee. I am going to bed as I have to leave early in the morning. So this will be my last blog entry from Birmingham.

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