Monday, June 19, 2006

GA: Monday Morning Plenary

Breakfast Saga
In the continuing and exciting saga on whether on not if I will have breakfast took a drastic turn this morning as I actually enjoy a well-rounded breakfast–and yes it included bacon.

Changing Doxology
After the installation of the vice-moderator, we stood and sang the Doxology, however, "Father, Son, & Holy Spirit" were abstracted from the text and, "Triune God,"was inserted. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is just the continued changing ethos of this denomination. Their (OGA or whoever in charge) reluctance to refer to God as Father is blaring. We should affirm that God is Triune, but we need to affirm that God names himself as The Father (not like a father), Son, and Holy Spirit. The church is forgetting that God has spoken and He has revealed his name. BTW–we will be dealing with the Trinity paper later this morning (coincidence?)

ecclesia reformata semper reformanda
There was a pleasant overture that was approved to amend (actually, just add a footnote in the BOO) the Book of Order (G-2.0200). The ACC recommend that we change the translation to the exact meaning of the latin phrase to, "the church reformed, and always to be reformed." They way it used to be read (the church reformed, and always reforming) is used by many progressives to push their agendas to radical change the theology and the historical tradition of the church. So a simply thing, but I find joy in this clarification, and may I never hear "the church reformed, and always reforming" again.

Trinity Paper
Well, the Trinity Paper passed although amended in committee and on the floor. The vote to refer the paper for further revisions lost by 51% to 49%. Referral would have been fantastic. However, all is not lost. The amendments in the committee and on the floor made the paper more tolerable. The biggest amendment was to receive instead of approve the paper. This is a good thing because "receive" is the weakest language in Robert’s Rules–the strongest would have be adopted and then approve. The problem is that according the Office of Theology they will produce liturgical materials for the church with these alternative Trinitarian formulas (such as we experienced this morning changing the doxology). Bottomline another step in the direction away from Truth and one Faith.

Trust Language
I have heard over and over again in committees (particularly PUP) and now just on the floor (mostly by YADs) how we just need to "Trust" each other. Argghh.. It makes me sick–are we not suppose to think for ourselves or are we just to accept anything the committees of OGA gives us. One of our main reformed theological underpinnings is that we are totally deprave (all of us). That is why we have a form of government and polity that provides accountablity and room for many voices to affirm (although a majority can still be wrong in the eyes of God.). Please stop the language of "Trusting" each other.

Off to lunch to hear Rob Gagnon. Yummy on both accounts.


Anonymous said...

Hi -
I heard one church (Presbyterian & UCC) that baptized people in the name of "Creator, Redeemer, & Sustainer" instead of "Father, Son & Holy Ghost".
Is this also part of the watering down of our faith? To change the words of Jesus seems just wrong to me.

Denis Hancock said...

With regard to the translation of "Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda" -- I learned from a classical languages major several years ago that (1) "reformata" is a perfect passive participle" and (2) "reformanda" is a future passive participle. "Always to be reformed" is correct. And we need to finish the quote. "...secundum verbum Dei" (according to the Word of God).

Chris Larimer said...

Amen, Denis, to finishing out the quote. People forget that the church was reformed into its condition (and out of Catholicism) not by the need to be fair to lay persons or for purposes of church growth or for staying in touch with society (in fact, it was the opposite!) but rather by an urgency to obey God's Word as it comes to us in the plain sense (sensus literalis) of Scripture. It was Reformed SVD and that meant the Bible, not some perspective on who the Cosmic Christ is.